Docyke: The Most Versatile Product in the World

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Update time : 2023-06-01 09:49:39
When you’re buying a brand new toy for your children you want to find something that’s long-lasting and durable, of course it must bring heaps of fun and joy for all the family - and most challenging of all - a new toy must capture the attention of children. And keeping a child’s attention is not always easy - especially on Christmas of birthdays when toys are in abundance!

DOCYKE Modular KIT tick all the boxes -- and more! DOCYKE are the most versatile products in the world! Read on to find out how one toy can: have multiple configurations to keep children engaged, last a lifetime keeping younger siblings as excited as their brother or sister, build creativity and engineering skills and provide limitless fun for the entire family!
1. Upto 20 different configurations at no extra cost
Imagine if you could buy upto 20 toys for the price of 1 - well you can build everything. All of our DOCYKE models are configurable meaning that you can create and build different designs, exactly as you like. Build stools, unicycles, bicycles, bicycles with trailers, go-carts, walkers and so much more! There’s absolutely no limit to what you can create with DOCYKE.
S-KIT is one example of a product that can do all things! It’s perfect for younger children because it can be transformed into a balance bike as they learn to navigate two wheels. It can also be a stool, a tricycle and a scooter.
With such a range of configurations the DOCYKE is never going to be the forgotten toy.

2. Materials that will last a lifetime

A versatile product is only useful if it will stand the test of time. Our DOCYKE products will keep children engaged for years and they’ll be developing all important creative and engineering skills as they build more complex configurations. Since the DOCYKE is going to grow with your child mentally, it needs to last so they can be whizzing around on the favourite toy for years to come.

Durability is central to what we do! We picked materials that we knew would keep your children safe and entertained for years to come. Aluminium is a strong, but light metal which means that your child can handle the DOCYKE, whilst having all the stability and safety you want them to have. Remember, bike frames all used aluminium for many years and many bike frames are still using aluminum frames in favour of steel or carbon now. It’s durable, light, safe and affordable. Aluminium is the materials that’s done the test of time. And paired with bright plastic colours for fun, soft grips to protect the speedy children incase of collusion, DOCYKE quickly proves itself to be versatile and safe.

3. Build your own in any way you like!

The customisation options for any DOCYKE product are endless! Not only can you design and build your own walker, scooter, bicycles, go-kart or more you can add your own splash of style with custom emblems or stickers and graffiti.
The DOCYKE is yours to create it in any way you like!
You can cool rubber emblems to brand your new versatile toy in any way you like, but we love to see what our community has been upto and how they have they’ve styled the DOCYKE using their own unique and creative ideas.
If you’re looking for some inspiration, take a look at our community page full of pictures and quotes from happy customers who can’t get enough of their DOCYKE. And if you go ahead and build your own unique DOCYKE - share it with us! We want to show the world how creative you and your children are.
4. Carry upto 70kg - enough for mom’s shopping!
Wouldn’t it make life easier if your children could give you a hand with the heavy shopping? With the M-Kit they certainly can! M-KIT has an aluminium trailer, which can carry upto 50kg. It’s perfect for carting your favourite toys to your friends or riding to the nearest shops to pickup the groceries.
Or, if you’ve got the GO-KART you can carry a heavy load of 70kg! And the battery will assist you so you can gain speed!   
5. Fun for all the ages

No matter how old your children are the DOCYKE has something for everyone.

  • Age 1-5: S-KIT is the ride for the tinies! It’s perfect for the little ones who are learning to balance and master the art of riding. It can be customisable to build tricycles too, so when they’re ready to keep up with the big kids they’ll have all the skills they need.
  • Age 0-8: M-KIT can start out as a tricycle for little children who aren’t quite ready for 2 wheels. It starts out as a tricycle or scooter with training wheels allowing children to develop those all important balance skills. When they’re a little stronger they can configure the M-Kit product to haul a trailer where they can keep a secret stash of their favorite items!
  • Age 0-14: L-KIT is the kit for savvy parents who just want all the benefits of the S & M kit all in one amazing product. Yes you can build all configurations from S-Kit and M-Kit and better than that, the L-Kit offers a lot more!  For the older children who might need slowing down…there’s anti-skid wheels and safe disk brakes so they can speed around and slow down to safety in no time!
  • Age 5-18: time for Go-Kart!

6. Get speed with the go-kart!
Go-kart is all things FUN! You can expect to see your child whizzing around, gaining speed and having the most exciting experience!

It’s perfectly safe and this piece of kit boasts a lithium batter that will reach speeds of 10km/hour. The battery lasts for one hour after a full charge.

Perhaps the most exciting things about the go-kart is all the fun to be had exploring it’s 15-in-1 configurations! Wow! The total build time is 8-16 hours depending on your engineering skills!

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