8 Reasons Why Families Love DOCYKE

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Update time : 2023-05-31 13:15:51

Do you and your family feel satisfied when you build something by yourselves? Well, you are going to love our modular kits here at DOCYKE. We are all about promoting creativity and fun, providing awesome kits that allow you and your children to build toys from scratch. We are talking about everything from bicycles to go-karts, toys that you can often only purchase from stores.


Have you never heard about DOCYKE before? Well, we want you to become more familiar with our fantastic modular kits. Here are eight reasons why families are loving our DOCYKE modular kits right now.


You Can Enjoy Family Time

There is nothing better than quality family time. But with technology taking over these days, it can sometimes be difficult to tear your children away from the computer screen or their tablets. But family time can be fun again with DOCYKE. You can bond with your kids as you build anything from a scooter to a go-kart together. The kits provide you with all of the parts you are going to need and instructions for installation. This allows you and your children to come together on a project and have some fun building a new toy.

Have a Teaching Moment

All parents want to teach their kids certain values when they are young so that they know how to act when they are older. Well, this is something you can do with a DOCYKE kit. Of course, you are going to be building a new toy with your child and this is fun. But it is also your moment to teach them important life skills. From having patience to problem-solving, you can enjoy having some one-on-one time with your kid and coach them through a DOCYKE kit.

Explore the Outdoors Together

Building the DOCYKE kit is half the fun. But the other half is your child getting to ride it! They will love having their new creation outdoors, whether this is a go-kart or their first bicycle. In the technological world we live in, it is easy to stay indoors and stare at screens. We want to encourage our kids to get outdoors and have fun. This is exactly what our toys can do. The great thing is, you can bring your own bike and join them outside to explore. You can go on new adventures and both enjoy being out in the fresh air and in nature.

Enjoy Many Toys in One

We all know that childrens toys can be expensive. In addition, your child is always growing and this can mean you are always on the hunt for more suitable toys for their age group. The great thing about a DOCYKE kit is that you can purchase an affordable toy that is versatile and enjoys different constructions. For instance, our balance scooter kit has many designs, which means your child can enjoy everything from a tricycle to a balance bike. You can save money while your kids still have fun.

In addition, we have toys you can build that are suitable for all ages. For instance, our DOCYKE go-kart kit is suitable for ages five through to 18. This means that your child can enjoy it for many years. In other words, the toy can grow with your child.

Trust Quality Materials

There are a lot of children’s toys out there and unfortunately, some are better than others. In particular, some toys are made out of cheap and nasty materials that can actually be dangerous. This is the last thing you want to give to your children. But with DOCYKE, you can enjoy peace of mind. All of our kits are designed with safety and durability in mind. We want you to have confidence when your kids are playing. That is why we only use the highest quality materials for all our DOCYKE kits.

For example, the frames are made from aluminium, which is strong yet lightweight. We also use a range of soft materials for cushioning and safety. What’s more, we even provide a two-year warranty on all of our products. This way, you do not have to worry about anything and we are happy to resolve any issues.


Encourage Your Child’s Creativity

We all want to encourage our kids to be creative and have fun at the same time. This is something they can do with DOCYKE kits. Of course, they have the opportunity to build the scooter, bicycle or go-cart. But we also provide customisable parts so that they can make their toy unique. This can encourage your child to do something different and have their own style. For instance, they can have their name on their new bike or even their favourite phrase on a scooter. Your child is able to decide what they want on their new toy, as well as the colour.


Have a Long-Term Project

Sometimes, it is good to have a long-term project that you and your child can work on together. This way, you know you have time in the week that you are going to spend together doing some fun. That is where DOCYKE kits come in. We tell you how long it takes to assemble each toy so you can choose one you want. For instance, we have some kits like the go-kart that take around 8 to 16 hours to build. You can get all of the family involved and enjoy some bonding time.



Join a Wonderful Community

At DOCYKE, we have an amazing community you can join. Sometimes, it is difficult to get out of the house and find people that have similar interests to your family. The great thing about our community is that you all love our DOCYKE kits and can talk about it together. You can have fun and not feel like it is a competition. Instead, you can share your creations and take a look at what other families have built. This can be exciting and allow you to share your journey with your kit. 

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